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Oil and Gas Services

Globally Connected, Locally Invested.

Procurement of Oil & Gas equipment.

Habin limited provides equipment and material procurement and supply services to the oil and gas, energy, educational and public service sectors. Our customers expect an exceptional level of service and we strive to fulfill their expectations by delivering a reliable and cost-effective service that meets their demand.

Construction of Oil Rigs & Platform.

Oil Rig and Platform Construction industry plays an important role in the energy sector. We offer construction of  oil rig and platform structural component parts, offshore assembly of oil rigs and platforms, maintenance, repair and upgrade services for existing offshore oil rigs and platforms.

Maintenance of Oil & Gas facilities.

We are always interested in increasing operational efficiency and improving the effectiveness of maintenance tasks. As profit margins thin, competition increases, and safety planning becomes more important, the demands on operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel grow weightier. Operations must be made more efficient, systems must be optimized, and maintenance dollars must stretch further. Enter the O&M program.

Electrical Engineering Services.

We offers comprehensive electrical engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, operations and management of a full range of electrical power systems, including: Solar power and alternative energy, Extra high, high and medium voltage transmission and distribution systems, Internal electrical services in public, private and commercial facilities, Industrial electrical wiring and installations, Electrical Protection and Control including Relays, voltage regulators, motor controls, switch gears, lightning protection and more.

Oil & Gas Trading

We have access to official Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) allocated crude oil cargoes of all grades and refined petroleum products such as PMS, AGO, Jet A1/DPK, Base Oil Bitumen etc.

All crude cargoes are usually loaded FOB, directly from the producing terminal as they are official NNPC allocations. We can also deliver on a CIF bases subject to freight and price negotiations.

All crude cargoes are usually sold and priced on a dated brent basis plus the NNPC OSP (Official Selling Price) plus a premium with payment secured by an irrevocable confirmed documentary LC (Letter of Credit) from a first class international bank

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