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Our Policies

Globally Connected, Locally Invested.

Security Policy 

Our Company has established security objectives at relevant functions and levels, aiming at risk management by reducing the probability of events, minimizing the effects of incidents and mitigating the consequences through adequate preparation and resilience.

Quality Policy

Our company’s main concern is meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and providing high quality services to them. Our company is fully aware that, in order to meet customer objectives in the best possible way and be able to respond to market demands, it has to perform its work within a certain framework set by the specification of quality.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

Our concern for health, safety and the environment is a core value. This HSE mindset is founded on the belief that all incidents can be prevented, and is the key to the company’s work within health, safety, and environment.  HSE (health, safety and the environment) is a core value in Habin Limited.  This means that we take personal responsibility for HSE because we care about people, the environment and our company. 

It is that simple for each and every one of us. As an organisation, we work systematically to ensure continual improvement of our HSE culture and performance. We have an HSE operating system which defines our expectations in the areas which are key to effective HSE management.  These expectations set direction and help our business units to move continually towards attaining higher goals.

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